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(1) Simplicity Dg11/Classic/Pve/Play2Win

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## Introduction:
Simplicity online is a new fashioned chinese & european based server where everyone will feel the essence of the game. we are offering you a game-play that you have never seen before. Nobody can deny that silkroad is a part and parcel of our life. When in fact, life itself is a game and this world is a big playground. We have to play the game of life with all of our courage and strength in order to succeed. So here in Simplicity online you wouldn't feel different everyone is equal.

## Simplicity team:
B1Q | Male | 19 Y/O | Egypt | Arabic | English | German | French | Candian | Developer
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself as a part of this wonderful team.
I am a programmer and I do websites for a living.
I haven't had any successful servers at all but all of my servers got extraordinary features which are easily ignored because of the lack of cock sucking and donation discounts.
Yaito| Male | 19 Y/O | Egypt | Arabic | English | German | Nobody
A very talented SQL developer he has developed every single in-game feature in Simplicity.
## Beta phase: [10th of July ~ 13th July.2018]
Trust me, we didn't want to launch the server without making sure that everything works perfectly and that people will actually enjoy our features. We held a closed beta for the past few weeks, and we finally made everything amazing. This will be our last beta phase, for the players that will join the server to test everything out, choose their lovely builds and test all features on their own, so they won't have problems, or any kind of misunderstandings once the server officially opens.
So, don't miss our last beta phase that will take place on 10th of July at 20:00 GMT +2.

Cap 110
Race Chinese and Europe
Masteries CH/EU 330/220
Solo experience 70x
Party experience 85x
Skill points You get 5M free
Items drop rate 5x
Gold drop rate 2x
Trade goods rate 10x
Alchemy rate 1x
Fortress war Hotan & Jangan (Every Saturday at 8.30PM [GMT +2])
Max plus +10 (without adv)
Battle arena Enabled
Capture the flag Enabled
Forgotten world Enabled
Holy water temple Enabled
Auto equipment Enabled (from D1 till D10)
Advanced elixirs Enabled
Resurrection scrolls Disabled
Silk/Hour 1 (Active when you reach level 105)
Guild/Union emblem Working
Guild/Union limits 24/2
Bot Allowed

## HWID limits:
PC limit [3]
IP limit [6]
Jobbing HWID limit [1]
Battle Arena HWID limit [1]
Capture the flag HWID limit [1]
FGW HWID limit [2]
Fortress HWID limit [1]
## Level up:
We've been thinking for a while, should we actually make them get max level in a few hours and let them enjoy the features. But we remembered our times leveling up on the low rate exp servers, and how hard it was, but taking everything into consideration it was fun after having some good gear & new skills, and killing the mobs easily. So we've decided the following:
Leveling phase from 1 to 100 will be medium. (It'll take approx 3-5hours reaching 100 level)
We've decided this since the server cap is 110, and the fun begins when you reach Alexandria where you can obtain novas / end-gear stones.

But the leveling phase starting from 100 will be harder (required exp will increase slightly for as you level up), not that much hard but it won't be that easy the maximum level. (it'll take approx 2-4days reaching 110 level)
We've decided this since we don't want people to get max level in a few hours, get all end-gear and just get bored. This kind of system is kinda made to have everyone gear up decently & meet new friends & decide what they'll be focused on. So we wish everyone good luck leveling up, don't give up you'll be rewarded once you hit 110, no worries also, you'll drop a few novas by the time you reach 110, and you'll be able to enjoy each feature that Simplicity offers.
## Free silk after reaching Lv. 105:
Don't be lazy to level up, you'll receive 1 silk/h after reaching 105 level.

## TOP 200 reward:
We decided to reward the first 200 players that will reach 110 level with 300 silks each.
NOTE: The reward will be based on HWID. So, only 1 of ur chars will be rewarded after reaching 110 level.

## Currencies/Coins:
Gold/Silver coins:
They'll be obtainable from job cave uniques.
(they'll be used for EGY sets)

Iron/Copper coins:
They'll be obtainable by the usual silkroad system and aswell their usage is for the same.
(job cave uniques/hwt, and their usage for sockets)

Arena coins:
You'll be able to obtain arena coins from Uniques normal/titans, battle arena, lms/survival events.
(will be used for various things such as: EGY accessories, ADV B elixirs, GDF, Reverses, HP/MP 4100 scrolls)

[1b] Gold coin:
There's 1b coin which can be bought from grocery store, to avoid any kind of scamming.
NOTE: If you sell 2 or more at once, you will get the golds for 1 only. So sell 1 by 1.

Silk scrolls:
Silk scrolls can be bought via item mall for silks.
## Balances:
We have just added a few changes regarding the chinese race, we haven't done any changes to europe builds at all.
So, we added/changed the following buffs for chinese characters:
We've added you a passive buff that contains the following buffs: 20% dmg(phy,mag) increase/absorption & 4100 hp/mp & 10% attack rate & 10% parry rate & 10% block rate

Increased the light buff speed to 105% (when maxed)

The CHN buffs are permanent aswell!

## Fortresses taxes:
Hotan Fortress taxes will cover the taxes of the next towns:
Hotan, Samarkand and Alexandria north and south.

Jangan Fortress taxes will cover the taxes of the next towns:
Jangan, Downhang, Constantilopole and Bandit.
## Labour quest:
You can take the quest from the Simplicity Merchant which can be found on Alexandria north. The quest is job based, and you gotta choose one of the jobs to obtain the quest. Once you do that, you'll have to bring 100 fragments from job cave mobs.
NOTE: You only can get 70 arena coins per day.

## [11dg] Normal items:
They all cost 500k gold only. Weapon/Set/Accessory/Shield, all the same, so If you want to pick them up & sell, make sure to pick them all because all of them will give you the same value of gold.

## Nova items:
There are two ways to get nova items:
You can obtain nova items by killing mobs, with a lower drop rate.

You can obtain nova items from Forgotten world. (Rates Below)

Level 3:

Ghost Sereness = 30% Weapon and 50% Armor
Ghost Beast = 30% Armor and 10% Accessory
Ghost Glutton = 30% Armor 10% Accessory

Level 4:

Ghost Sereness =60% Weapon and 40% Accessory
Ghost Beast=60% Armor and 30% Accessory
Ghost Glutton =60% Armor and 30% Accessory
## Egy items:
They're obtainable by the usual silkroad system.
Egy Weapons: It will be disabled for the first few weeks.

Egy Sets: It will be disabled for the first few weeks.

Egy Accessories: It will be disabled for the first few weeks.
## Stones drop:
We have decreased the stone drop from mobs, to make gold valuable. The mobs are still dropping stones, some harder, some easier depends on the stone.
But we've added a NPC with stones (3m for the noob stones, and 5m for the better stones) so If someone has no time for farming stones, go ahead and buy them from the NPC.

## [11dg] Immortal:
You can obtain Immortals 11degree with the following methods:
Buying from the item mall for 40 silks each unit
Hunting Medusa in B4 (Drops 3)
Hunting job cave uniques (all uniques dropping 2 immortals and Seth drops 4 immortals)
## Disabled buffs at Fortress war (Includes Survival,LMS,Jobbing):
Warrior (we have disabled PHY/MAG fences usage at fw)
Cleric (we have disabled STR/INT buffs usage at fw)
Bard (we have disabled tambour/dancing buffs usage at fw)
Warlock (we have disabled mostly broken debuffs (sleep,reflect) at fw)
We didn't disable any Chinese buffs.
## Re-spawn times:
Titans are Re-spawn every 12 hours
Apis Re-spawns every 4hours
Job cave uniques Re-Spawns on the usual silkroad times
/ 8

## Introduction:
Since everyone of you got used to the old jobbing system here in Simplicity we are giving you a fresh and brand new system for our lovely jobbing. And no, its not a coin based system where you're forced to farm-points 24/7 to get end-gear items.
We have thought of something else, where you can enjoy not just by doing some trades and obtain gold only, here in Simplicity we have added silks and job points(job points are for honor buffs). We know its kinda simple but we want to make things easier for you. Now you can obtain silks by doing/protecting/stealing job-trades. We will explain everything on how the new system works and how the points are going to be calculated below.

## Free silk after delivering/stealing a trade:
WARNING: you need to be lv110 to get rewards (aside from gold)
You have to deliver a 5* trade from one town to another, if you're a thief you have to steal it and you'll be rewarded with silks for each 5* trade, you can only obtain 70 silks daily. We didn't want to make it hard, nor make the server pay2win, that's why we decided to find another way to reward you for your activity.
NOTE: Do not try to cheat, If you do, we'll catch you and perma ban you.

## How does the system work?
Now lets talk about the job system itself and how it actually works. to be honest It took us a while.. we have been thinking for a long time, we did not want it to be something difficult, easy. So we tried to make the job system as simple as possible, but we took into consideration all kinds of players. Hell yeah, we figured out how the system will work and how every kind of player can benefit from doing job activities. Of course we do know that you wont be online 24/7 doing job, thats why we made it simple, and lets begin with our simple, but awesome jobbing system.
The job system required 10iq to understand, you will begin with zero points (0) once you register for the job. Afterwards youll be able to check the amount of your own points at the ITEM MALL (JobPoints).
Now your journey begins, there will be various ways to obtain job points, we made it as simple as possible. Youll have to kill the opposite job to get 1 job point, but it only counts in the Job temple,be careful If you die from the opposite job in the temple youll lose 1 point (-1), read below on why did we make it like this).

## Heres what we have figured out:
If you teleport without goods (gave up on them), youll get 1 warning point (you don't lose job points after receiving a warning).
We have decided to make it this way to avoid traders going alone so theyll need the protection of their hunters, therefore therell be hunters in the server, not only traders that are going to be doing solo 5*, and of course everyone will look for hunters in their party to avoid getting robbed.
If you log out (dc/crash) without delivering the trade/robbery, youll get 1 warning point.
This was made to prevent cheating/players that will drop their goods, and log on their main accounts to pick them up.
If you remove the job suit without delivering the trade, youll get 1 warning point.
This was made to prevent cheating/players that will drop their goods, and take off their suit so they can use it on their main accounts to pick up the goods. But do not worry we will have in-game GMs checking every town to get rid of the cheaters.
If you die as a hunter/trader, youll get 1 warning point.

If you die as a thief, youll get 1 warning point.


## How the get possitive points?
If you kill a trader while hes trading, youll receive 1 job point (+1)

If you kill a thief after they stole the goods from a trader, youll receive 1 job point (+1)

for every 100 million job exp points you receive, youll receive 1 job point (+1)
(level 7 hunter/trader/thief requires 2.14B exp points)

If you leave your current job all of your job points will be removed and youll start from 0 (0 points)

## Lets get back to the warning points:
We decided to make some restrictions If youre getting too many warnings, so make sure to not get them, youll either lose job points or even get banned from jobbing. (READ ABOVE HOW THE warning points WORK!!!)
2 warning points will lead you to lose 1 jobbing point (-1)

-5 job points will lead you to get removed in general from the job ranking, and you wont receive nor youll give any points (after getting killed). Even If you leave the job after while having 5 warnings re-joining any other job won't do you any good. But If you want to join the ranking again theres an option, youll have to buy the Ranking Lisence scroll from the Simplicity Merchant, and use it. So youll be registered in the job ranking again, and once you kill someone youll start receiving job points once again.

When does the ranking refresh?
Weve decided to refresh the Job ranking everyday at 00:00 server time (GMT +2)

What happens If you leave your job for 3 times?
Youll get removed from the job ranking, and youll have to buy the Ranking License from Simplicity Merchant to register again.
## Important reminders:
Job points are used for honor buffs only (might be changed in the future, Its not permanent!)

You can get maximum 70 silks from daily jobbing (5* gives you 5~10 silks), the gold profit is decent.

If you want to join the job again, and be on the ranking (either you have -5 job points, or left 3 times) youll have to buy the Ranking Lisence from Simplicity merchant:

The prices for the Ranking Lisence are:

For silks: 1 Ranking Lisence is worth 300 silks.

For gold/arena coins: 1 Ranking Lisence is worth 500m and 200 arena coins.

Job ranking refreshes everyday at 00:00 server time (GMT+2).

## Automatic events:
We've decided to only enable a few automatic events which will grant you free silks, and these events are not abusable. And, we wanted to make the game more interesting&enjoyable that's why we have added these following automatic events:
Last man standing event:
Competition between players always make the game way more interesting and funny. That's why we added Last man standing (lms) event which is definitely one of the most interesting events in silkroad. The event won't be as usual, and be able to be abused in any way, because we have made proper modifications that will make the war fair.

What's new/unusual in our Last man standing event?

Parties are not allowed
Players are forced to equip PVP capes once they are teleported into the survival arena.
Once you die, you'll be teleported to town
All kinds of pets will be disabled in this arena (so be sure to close ur pet before entering)
Disabled buffs at LMS:

Warrior (pq/phy&mag fences/iron/mana skins)
Warlock (reflects)
CHN (walls)

How to participate in the event?
The bot will send some globals with instructions on how to participate. Basically participating in the event is all about sending a pm to [BOT]"Register".

How many times It'll be per day?
The event will be every 6 hours.
Reward: The reward will be 50 silks and 25 arena coins.
Lucky party number:
We decided adding this event to see whos the smartest and fastest in creating parties, or who is actually that lucky by just forming up a party to be the winner. The bot will select a random match from the matching list.

How many times It'll be per day?
The lucky party number will be held every 4 hours with each of 3 round.
Reward: The reward will be each round 10 silks.
Show us how good and how fast are you at words, and how good is your grammar. The bot will select random letters from which you'll have to figure out what word is it about.

How many times It'll be per day?
The event will be every 2 hour and there will be 3 rounds.
Reward: The reward will be each round 10 silks.
Lottery event:
(will be added after a week of the g.o)

Auto alchemy event:
(will be added after a week of the g.o)

Kill the GM event:
(will be added after a week of the g.o)

Survival arena event:
(will be added after a week of the g.o)
## Forum signature:
Use our forum signature and win 100 silk. Just leave your reply with your character name and you will receive the reward.
PHP Code:
,,, [ ]

Join Simplicity's Discord chat server
,,, [ ]

## Facebook SHARE event:
Participate in this event for a chance to win 500 silks on the grand opening, be one of 20 lucky winners. To participate you have to do the following steps in our Facebook page.

Share Event - Participate Here



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: Simplicity Dg11/Classic/Pve/Play2Win


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: Simplicity Dg11/Classic/Pve/Play2Win

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