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May 2015
Server Game Silkroad
Private Server



(25) Database Venix Online Cap 80 Ch Only

► Cap | 80.
Ofcourse this wasn't an easy decision to settle down on the 80 cap, but our intention was to reach certain people, the old school players are most likely the best silkroad players in the private servers which we wanted to bring them together.

► Mastery | 300.
So why not 240 mastery as the original silkroad? well, we wanted to make the game more entertaining and well-balanced, so we thought, why not increasing the mastery to 300 with 60 extra level.

► Races | CH Only.
Why would we add European race in an oldschool gaming? we wants to keep everything simple and original as possible as we could, so we are not even thinking of adding in in the far future.

► Exp/SP Rate | x10.
Who wants to play in a server where you get max cap in one day? that's definitely not fun at all! so we decided to make a customized exp & sp rates.

► Party Exp/SP Rate | x15.
Some players love to play in groups so to give you a great boost we increased the party exp rate to 150%.

► Drop Rate | Medium.
Dropping rate is customized on the exp rate, you won't find problems finding your last tier or even elixirs and stones, but remember everything has its price.

► Alchemy Rate | 0.5x.
Alchemy is one of the most entertaining systems in the silkroad history, so we wanted to make it more entertaining by making it a lil but harder and challenging to all players, no one wants a +10 items in the first day right?

► Job Rate | 7.5x.
This has to be done, increasing the job rate will make all players dying to achieve more things in job rate, but, remember! all job activities will give you precious rewards! so, shall you sharpen your weapon?

► Max Plus | 10.

Don't worry about the max plus! it will be hard enough for you to reach it, and even if you reach it and tried to fuse it to plus 11, our system will teleport you back to town automatically to prevent you from losing your item.

► Silk Per Hour .
We said before we don't want a pay2play server, so we decided to add silk per hour beside the automatic events, so you can get much silks without any donation! you will get 1 silk every hour.

► Capture the Flag | Enabled.
We enabled capture the flag event because it brings back a lot of memories in old silkroad, ofcourse it gives you a great rewards too!

► Battle Arena | Enabled.
Battle arena is one of the best things that happened in silkroad, so could't resist to enable it, it will give you arena coins in exchange of winning, those arena will be useful for you, you can buy much things with it.

► Purification Pills Bug | Fixed.
No one wants to play in a server full of bugs specially purification pills bug which prevents force players from doing a decent pvp, so we fixed it.

► VENIX Main Town | Hotan .
Hotan is the main town, you can find all the extra and special npcs inside hotan including all job activites.

► Available Fortresses..
HOTAN FORTRESS WAR, this is the only available fortress war in VENIX.

► PC LIMIT | 3.
We don't want a server full of botters of course, we decided to keep the HWID 3 per PC so everyone get the same chance of playing.

► Guild Limit | 24.
Some people love to play together in small groups, but it won't be fair to play against a big group "GUILD" so we decided to decrease the guild limit to 24 player per guild.

► Union Limit | 2.
We wants more intense battles and fights in the fortress war, so we decreased the union limit to just 2 guilds.

► Union Chat Limit | 24.
We increased the chat union limit to be for all players in the guild, guild master will not find any problems with his team mates now.

► Advanced Elixirs | Disabled.
We had to disable it since it wasn't a thing in the old school scene, and ofcourse will turn things and items to OP which we are trying to prevent in VENIX.

► Academy | Enabled.
Honor buff was disabled in the last couple VENIX. But, since many of you requested to enable it, we did enable it but not in the basic graduation system. You will be able to get honor buffs with job.

► Resurrection Scrolls | Disabled.
We don't want a KRALL donator to keep backing to life and spam killing everyone in job or even at fortress war, that will ruin the real entertaining, so don't worry. resurrection scrolls are disabled and no way its coming in VENIX.
● Auto Equipment | From degree 1 to 7.

To give you a push in your journey in VENIX we are helping you with your gears and items, you will be automatically getting your last tier items from the first degree till the 7th degree.

Auto equipment items information:

SOS + 3

3 STR/3 INT & 41% item stats.

NOTE: Auto equipment system is working until DG7 only. so you won't receive any higher items than DG7.

● Starting Items.

We added you some awesome items to help you in your grinding, those items will be available for all characters.

,,, [ ]
● Max Stack..

Who wants an inventory full of 50 stacks items? its sucks right? dont worry fellow, we got your back! we increased almost all items stacks to help you.

,,, [ ]

● Top 200 Players.

There is not point of playing with no sense of challenge right? that's exactly what we thought of, so we decided to reward the first 200 players who reaches level 80. all those 200 players will be rewarded with 150 silk in exchange.

,,, [ ]
● Global Delay.

No one wants to play in full spam chat right? it will be very annoying to see players spam globals all the day, so we made a strict delay and level, you have to be level 80 "max cap" to be able to use the global chat, and there will be a 60 seconds delay.

● Reverse Disabled While Job Suit IS ON .

It will be very annoying to see players spamming reversing in job mode, thieves will keep coming back and kill traders, and hunters, traders will do the same, no point of doing that, so Reverse scrolls is disabled in the job mode.

● Guild Start Level | 5. .

You don't have to worry about GP or gold in plvling your guild anymore, you will start your guild with level 5, that will be very helpful, eh?
,,, [ ]
● Elixir Effect.

We changed all elixirs effect to match the elixirs color, you will find it very helpful to pick it from the floor now!

,,, [ ]
● Title names system..

We added some cool title names scrolls and free titles, and rewards as-well, you will find the NPC at donwhang selling titles, you will receive our special titles as-well from these systems:

- The top one has gold receives "Money Maker" title.

- The top jobbers of every week will receive special titles.

- We appreciate the efforts that you have done it in our beta! So You will receive a title at the grand opening as well as silk!

,,, [ ]

● Wanted System..

We invented a real unique [Wanted System] basically its depending on your job experiences, also we have changed the mainstream 7 levels of job and increased them to 40 levels, once you get to lv 7 your race to the Wanted will be starting, The level you get higher, the more higher level buff of wanted you get. but note that only the highest experienced player who will get the buff, so make sure none gets you.

,,, [ ]

● Adjusted Trade Goods..

We increased the goods stacks so you won't face any problems picking up your goods or stealing it XP, also it will be easier for you to buy it from the npc.

,,, [ ]

● Permanent Buffs..

Alright, definitely not fun to keep rebuffing all buffs all over and over, we made some slight modification in the buffs systems, all buffs now are permanent so you will not find any problems when you play pvp or even at jobbing. You have to use your buffs only once.

,,, [ ]

● Special Teleport..

The job cave teleport isn't far away like isro nowdays, you will find it inside donwhang town in a teleport near the south door, not to mention that we added special room for uniques but it requires your job suit on to be able to enter, these uniques drops sun accessories with a fair drop rate

The job temple uniques also drop sun accessories with a fair drop rate, but remember it isn't that easy to solo kill them.

Unique Place Drop Rage CloudDungeon 50 Arena, 100~150 Silk Scroll, Sun Accessories (15% Drop Rate).NeithJob Temple 50 Arena, 100~250 Silk Scroll, 1x Sun Accessories(15% Drop Rate).Selket Job Temple 50 Arena, 100~250 Silk Scroll, Sun Accessories (15% Drop Rate).IsisJob Temple 50 Arena, 100~250 Silk Scroll, Sun Accessories (15% Drop Rate).AnubisJob Temple 50 Arena, 100~250 Silk Scroll, Sun Accessories (15% Drop Rate).

,,, [ ]

● Avatar Shop..

We added much avatars in the avatar shop NPC, all old and new avatars are available, the npc is located at donwhang, remember that all the avatars price is in silk!

,,, [ ]

● Plus Notice.

To prevent cheaters, we added the cool plus notice system, it will announce in public notice to all players when someone reach plus (7).

,,, [ ]

● Donwhang Fortress..

Since our main city is donwhang, we thought of adding DW FORTRESS WAR to match the game-play, and since everyone is bored of the regular jangan-hotan fortress war, this will definitely be entertaining.

,,, [ ]

● Donwhang Cave .

As you guys requested in the past couple opening, we had a problem regarding the monsters spawn rate in the 80s areas. So, we decided to change the donwhang cave monsters and replace it with level 80 monsters.

,,, [ ]

● Alchemy Rate .

We have adjusted the alchemy rate to be very custom and perfecto

You won't face any problem looking for the alchemy rate, here it is.

PLUS RATE 1~3 100%4~5 50%6 20%7 10%8 5%9 5%10 2%

● Uniques .

We added too many uniques so you can have a lot of fun with your friends while hunting uniques.
  • Normal Uniques : (Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan)
  • FW Uniques : (Rage Cloud, Tai-Sui)
  • Job Temple Uniques : (Neith, Selket, Haroeris, Isis, Anubis)
  • Arabian Uniques : (Launatune, Gennie, Harrison, Khulood, Karkadann)

  • Each Unique drops special items.
  • Forgotten World : (Flame Cow King)

  • Each Unique drops special items.

Unique Name Spawn Drop Tiger GirlJangan 2x reverse, Emoji Scroll, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).CerberusJangan 2x reverse, Emoji Scroll, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).Captain IvyDonwhung 2x reverse, Emoji Scroll, Immortal (50% Drop Rate). UruchiDonwhung2x reverse, Emoji Scroll, Immortal (50% Drop Rate). IsyutaruKarakoram 2x reverse, Emoji Scroll, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).Lord YarkanTaklamakan 2x reverse, Emoji Scroll, Immortal (100% Drop Rate).Lord Yarkan TitanTaklamakan4x global, 4x reverse, Emoji Scroll, Immortal (100% Drop Rate).Tai-SuiTaklamakan 3x global, 5x reverse, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).LaunatuneDonwhung3x global, 5x reverse, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).GennieDonwhung3x global, 5x reverse, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).HarrisonDonwhung3x global, 5x reverse, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).KhuloodDonwhung3x global, 5x reverse, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).KarkadannDonwhung3x global, 5x reverse, Immortal (50% Drop Rate).Rage CloudDungeon 50 Arena, 100~150 Silk Scroll, Sun Accessories (15% Drop Rate).NeithJob Temple 50 Arena, 100~250 Silk Scroll, 1x Sun Accessories(15% Drop Rate).Selket Job Temple 50 Arena, 100~250 Silk Scroll, Sun Accessories (15% Drop Rate).IsisJob Temple 50 Arena, 100~250 Silk Scroll, Sun Accessories (15% Drop Rate).AnubisJob Temple 50 Arena, 100~250 Silk Scroll, Sun Accessories (15% Drop Rate)..Flame Cow King 1Forgotten World1x Immortal, 1x Lottery Scroll (Elixir), Shield Sun(1% Drop Rate).Flame Cow King 2Forgotten World2x Immortal, 2x Lottery Scroll (Elixir), Shield Sun(2% Drop Rate).Flame Cow King 3Forgotten World3x Immortal, 3x Lottery Scroll (Elixir), Shield Sun(3% Drop Rate).Flame Cow King 4Forgotten World4x Immortal, 4x Lottery Scroll (Elixir), Shield Sun(4% Drop Rate).

Unique Name Spawn Drop Venix King Random map100:250 Silk Scroll, 7x Immortal, 3x Lottery Scroll (Elixir), Package Scroll Vigor (15% Drop Rate), Model Switcher(15% Drop Rate).Medusa Medusa ROOM300 Silk Scroll, 7x Immortal, 3x Lottery Scroll (Elixir), Package Scroll Vigor (15% Drop Rate), Model Switcher(15% Drop Rate), Sun set (15% Drop Rate).

,,, [ ]
● SOX System.

SOX system had to be done in perfection, we spent much time thinking of this system and how to make it as perfect as we can, and this is was we came up with.

How to obtain sox items ?

  • Seal Of Moon Equipment: Simply by killing monsters the common silkroad way.

  • Seal Of Sun Equipment:
    • Sun weapons can be only arcived by collecting cards from forgotten world!
    • Sun sets can be found at our npc for arena coins, Gold Coin . Arena coins can be earned from CTF,from Battle arena, Gold coin can be earned from caravan
    • Sun Accessories You will find that it drops from job temple uniques. so their will be a lot of fun in challenging the other players.
    • Sun Shield can be obtained from last unique at forgotten world only.
● Job System.

First thing i want to talk about it that we have added a brand new anti cheat system preventing from cheaters and promising a fair gameplay.


Trade Job Points 3 Star trades 2 Gold Coins.4 Star trades 4 Gold Coins.5 Star trades 6 Gold Coins.


Trade Job Rewards 5 Star trades 3 Gold Coins.


Trade Job Points 3 Star trades 4 Gold Coins.4 Star trades 8 Gold Coins.5 Star trades 12 Gold Coins.

NOTE : Remember that we have a weekly limit on the coins you can get which is '2500' gold coins per week, after reaching the limit you won't get anything, and the weekly limit will be reset every weekend.

● Honor Buff .

Something wasn't available in the past 2 openings, the honor buffs is definitely one of the most enthusiastic systems in the silkroad history, so we thought of adding it in this season. You will be able to get honor buff with your job experience, just to let you know, the experience is unlimited so its not just capped at level 7 job.

,,, [ ]

,,, [ ]
● Advanced Job Modification.

Trader #1
  • We know how entertaining is the job system of silkroad, it maybe the main reason for the old school players who still playing till this day, the time we spent delivering goods just to raise some money, some players love to make gold from job instead of just collect gold from killing monsters or stalling, in VENIX we made it up for both ways, you will get fair amount of gold from trading and killing monsters as-well.

Thief #1
  • Senior Hunter's framework is basically based on something unique, every server contains only-some modifications for thief because it's somehow popular, now, we do not have this disadvantage, but we do have something makes us a real choice for silkroad players, not, you are able to do all of your hunter's activities with same equal as trade or as a thief, and you'll get rewarded massively for each trade-save or by attacking thieves!

Wanted #1
  • Jobs have never been epic such as we've got here. We've enhanced the original wanted idea which contains a more than 3 different ways to reach your wanted mode either by using a stealling trade or doing other activities as being a thief

● Package Scroll (Immortal ) .

We added a gambling system, Package scroll (Immortal)

It gives you a Package amount of 10 immortals. You can purchase it with gold coins, Arena Coin.

● Package Scroll (Vigor 5%).

We added a gambling system, Package scroll (Vigors)

It gives you a Package amount of 300 Vigors. You can purchase it with gold coins, Arena Coin.

● Lottery Scroll (Sun set [1] part).

We added a gambling system, Lottery scroll (Set)

It gives you a random sun set part. You can purchase it with gold coin, Arena Coin.

● Lottery Scroll (Sun acc [1] part).

We added a gambling system, Lottery scroll (Acc)

It gives you a random sun Acc part. You can purchase it with gold coin, Arena Coin.

● Lottery Scroll (Elixir).

We added a gambling system, Lottery scroll (Elixir)

It gives you a random amount of elixirs,we will add more scrolls like this, we just need some opinions and ideas what would be good and balanced to add comment your suggestion below.

How can you obtain this scroll?

You can obtain this scroll from flame cow king only ( The last unique at forgotten world )

● Dye weapon scroll.

This special scroll will change your weapon sox effect into glamorous color. We have 5 different scrolls. You can purchase it with gold coins, Arena Coin.

● God Bless.

This is a powerful scroll, hard to get. It will give you a powerful stats ''NOT VERY OP" you can purchase it with gold coins, Arena Coin.

,,, [ ]

● New pick pets.

We have created our own new pick pets :P. Spongpop and Smurf.

,,, [ ]

● Grinding Areas.

Taklamakan : Since we are running an oldschool 80 capped server, the main focus area were Taklamakan, we increased the monsters spawn rate and drops aswell, so, none will find any problem leaving character all night boting to collect your needed items.

Job Temple : Job temple is a new thing in silkroad, but let's admit it, its entertaining at grinding specially when you have your job suit on, it will be challenging right? that's why we added it with some cool drops!

,,, [ ]

● Character Effects.

Some players like to play in fancy way haha, we shy not. We added those character effect scrolls so you can feel Gucci in our server XP, remember that all those effects are cosmetic, and will not add to you any special abilities.

,,, [ ]

● Emoji Scroll.

It's not that big deal to be added, but its fun tho. you will find 41 different Emoji scrolls dropping from all uniques, each scroll has its own ability which could be INT, STR or DMG. Good luck finding them!

,,, [ ]
● Fellow Pets.

We added much fellow pets because we know how helpful they are! you can find them at the item mall with a fair price.


● Plus Glow.

We wanted to keep the original glows as simple as we can, but we wanted to make the higher pluses more special.

,,, [ ]
● Mercenaries Scrolls.

YES! you saw it right! we fixed the mercenaries scrolls which can be bought from the guild shop, these scrolls can be used only by guild master and its very helpful at guild wars!

● Scrolls.

To help you in your journey in VENIX, we added some various scrolls that will be very helpful to you.

,,, [ ]

  • Change name scroll.
  • Silks Scroll.
  • Skills Reset.
  • Lottery Elixirs.
  • Stats Reset.
  • Avatar Switcher.
  • Job penalty Remover.
  • Devil Switcher.
  • Guild penalty Remover.
  • Premium Remover.
  • Durability Reduce Remove.

DB + Celint Full Files
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: Database Venix Online Cap 80 Ch Only

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: Database Venix Online Cap 80 Ch Only

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