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Hamza FiGo

  Hamza FiGo

Dec 2007
Helping ppl
Private Server
Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo

Hamza FiGo


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ANOHA-SeasonII | Cap 130 PVP D14 | Survival | Wanted | Sky Temple | GO 23-6-2020

Hello everyone. Some of you heard about season I and it was a success, so its time for season II with many new features suggested from our players.

All new server based on an old school, low cap and CH, we decided to make a new project with all new edits, new systems and new features can get you into the fun anytime you logged in Chaos. Welcome at ANOHA SeasonII

One of our goals is to provide you with a professionally made in-game content which will aim to make the server Play2win. That means everything you need to be stronger it can be obtained inside the game.

We took our time to think how can we force players to make his own fun anytime he login in the game. And sure we cant forget about Job System,
nearly everything ingame based on Job. So prepare yourself and your team mates for so much daily fun/wars.

Please, read our thread carefully and you'll find your system you would love to join us for.

Well, as a new project we all know that bugs/issues may happen. So Beta phase helps us to collect all bugs/issues that all players found to fix it to start a clean server. And sure we need your help to test everything and try everything we made for free, then you can decide to stay with or not. And its important to me to give me your feedback about the game its completely free or not. OFC we'll make sure to reward you if you find bug, so don't worry we value your efforts!

With your feedback and reporting issues/bugs can be found during Beta-Phase, we can fix those bugs and start our grand-opening and a new long-term server.

,,, [ ]

,,, [ ]

,,, [ ] ,,, [ ] ,,, [ ]

Join our ,,, [ ] to check our latest [BOT]Activity feature, it give you anything happen inside the game and to be in touch with any event/system start in the game.
And it gives you a notice with any important things happens, such as unique appear - players globals - wars - GM/Team globals and notices..etc
With this feature, you'll not miss any fun happen in the game

Cap 130 !!
Yes we made a cap 130 server with a new systems/features/skills .. etc will make it better and better than low caps.
Q: So whats new can be made in a cap 130?
A: That we will explain in our thread

Mastery !!
Our mastery will be 520 for CHN and 260 for EU. CHN players can add 4 builds cus we have removed all vsro skills and add original ISRO skills which is balanced with EU 100% with our new skills just made specially for weak builds such as spear..etc

Race | CH/EU !!
As we said at Mastery info, we have both races and works perfectly. About dmg/skills, has been balanced with a lot of testing from our team and from our testers.
So everyone can play his beloved build, and we will make sure that there is no overpowered build.

PC Limit | 5 !!
Each PC can only open 5 chars. There is no need for more cus there is limits everywhere :) to avoid cheats.
PVP system doesn't mean that you'll login and pvp, with our new system you'll need to grind at mobs to get all new items at the shop. So we made the PC limit 5 to grind with 4 chars and PVP with your main.

Plus Limit | 16 noadv !!
You all think that 16 no adv is a huge number as a plus limit, but we said no its perfect with our system
New characters created with Full of +12 no adv items. Beside you can find all sun items at the shop +12 no adv. So there is 4 pluses more for the max
But we see that +4 will be hard to reach, so we made a +1 scroll (100% rate) drop from the Roc and Job Unique. And it works till you reach +14 no adv.
That means you can +13+14 with this +1 scroll without failing. But its not easy to get, you must work hard to get it from the roc and the job unique. And those unique will appear once per day.
Ofc we didn't put this scroll at the shop for coins, it'll be pay2win. So we drop it from a unique to be obtainable for all players.
Level Cap|130
Mastery Cap|520
Union Limit|2
Guild Limit|32
Free Silk|Yes 1m
Max Plus | +16 noAdv
ADV Elixier|Enabled
PC Limit|5
Job Limit|1
BA Limit|1
FW Limit|1

As we are a PVP system, the new character will be created with full of sun 14D+12 no adv FB (61%). With beginner GodBlessing scroll, beginner VIP premium, devil grade A, grap pet 28day and 1m Free Silk
And you can find a (Free NPC) at DW, you can get all free items from there by 1 gold.

We have add new mobs at our mobs area and Samarkand, and it drop Play Coin (P.C) with rate 30%. Play Coin (P.C) can be useful for buying extra items from the shop, like clock for pet and ress for devil and the key of Roc.. etc

Battle Arena is one of the most fun system at sro. And we make it enjoyable with its reward.
Winners and losers will get Berserk Scrolls as a gift. So don't wait and join Battle Arena and collect Berserk scrolls that will be useful at wars/pvp/fw/unique...etc
Random+Party: Every 2h [3 zerk winner - 1 loser]
Job: once/day 11PM [5 zerk winner - 2 loser]
Well, we have edited our all MAP areas with all new unique inside everytown. So everyone will know which unique appear and where, that'll be fair enough for all players new and old.
Lets check our map we hope you enjoy and like it.

We introduce to you a new event we made it specially for you. C H A O S letters.
Like old days, a GhostSung mob will appear randomly at the map 3 times per day. Each mob will drop 1 letter.
Collect them and win Prem, godbless, new devil...etc
GhostSung map area:-


= VIP 20% premium as a reward.

= GodBlessing as a reward.

= New Advanced Devil as a reward.

= Package items (Vip Prem + gods + global color...etc) as a reward

All of you know about gold at PVP server is useless cus everything at npcs will be for 1 gold, but as we mentioned before our system is PVP/PVE. So the gold will be very important same as our main coin.

Our trade system called Sky Temple Trade Route, its a better way to get more gold and do caravans with your friends. So if you wanna be strong and get some fun everyday, just TRADE

Sky Temple trade route will be opened everyday for 1h, and the gold inside are much better than the normal route. So get ready for more fun and wars inside the Sky Temple

Sky Temple route have 4 temple inside, you must walk through those temples to sell your goods.

Normal trade route:-
- Trade buy price : 120m[ 5 star ONLY]
- Trade sell price : 300m [ 5 star ONLY]

Sky Temple trade route:-
- From DW to SkyTemple 4x Gold
- From Jangan to SkyTemple 6x Gold
- Don't go alone and becarful from Statue of Justice
- Stay at the mobs road, it gonna be hard

As a PVP system, unique are very very important. We have add our special new unique with good useful drops, so you gonna love searching for the unique and kill them with more fun.

Hint: new unique spawn places has been explained at CHAOS-ANOHA MAP section. Please check our gallery ☝☝. Or just open the map (M) and you'll find them all.

We will explain our new unique drop :-
[table="head"]Unique Image|UniqueName|Map|Drop
|Arch Angel (STR-INT)|Petra Desert|Drop Olive Global Color 2~5 every 1h

|Dark Shinm (STR-INT)|Hotan-Karakoram|Drop Green Global Color 2~5 every 1h

|Dark Sider (STR-INT)|DW-BlackRobber Den|Drop Chaos Silk 10~15 every 2h

|Demon Warrior (STR-INT)|Hotan-Niya Remains|Drop Purple Global Color 2~5 every 1h

|Epic Golem (STR-INT)|Samarkand|Drop 1x Diamond Box every 2h

|Granny (STR-INT)|Constantinople|Drop 1x Diamond Box every 2h

|Horned Demon (STR-INT)|Jangan|Drop Chaos Silk 10~15 every 2h

|Kaisiniel (STR-INT)|Hotan|Drop 1x Diamond Box every 2h

|Rouge Demon (STR-INT)|Donwhang|Drop Chaos Silk 10~15 every 2h

|The Narun (STR-INT)|Samarkand|Drop New Avatar(Aviator) every 2h

|Zed TheBeast (STR-INT)|Jangan|Drop Chaos Silk 10~15 every 2h

|Medusa|Petra Cave|Drop Crystal Elixir every 10h

|Horus (STR-INT)|Petra Cave|Drop Crystal Elixir every 10h

|The Roc|Gate of Ruler|Drop Socket Stones & +1 scroll once per/day

|STR&INT Rocs|Rocs Room|Drop Chaos Silk 25~30 every 10h

|Thor STR&INT|Random|Drop Honor Coins every 3h

|Thanos STR&INT|Random|Drop Honor Coins every 3h


Diamond Box items (30% drop rate):-

A new system for those who love killing unique all time with a good reward.
In this system, when you kill a specific number or a unique in the list, you'll get a PM with how many points for Weekly unique rank and how many points for Unique Reward System rank.
When you reach the specific number like 50/50, a notice will be shown for all server that you got your reward and a Unique Slayer title.
And if someone else reach that number 50/50, he will took the title from you.

Unique Reward System list:-
- Tiger Girl (50 kill required)
- Captain Ivy (50 kill required)
- Cerberus (50 kill required)
- Isyutaru (45 kill required)
- Lord Yarkan (40 kill required)
- Uruchi (50 kill required)
Reward: 100 CS + Unique Slayer title

We knew that many ppl love killing uniques. With this system we will make it much better than just a kill. Its an automatic system which record every single kill at our site
So its simple, first 3 killer at ranking will get automatic reward.
It'll be weekly refreshed. Rewards will be shown at our unique rank page

,,, [ ]

We are a PVP system, i said it many times just to make sure very system we made is made just for PVP system. Here another feature we will introduce to all players, and this one have no rewards. Its just for fun.
So what is the Fight Room!
This is a room ofc for fighting each other, but with every pvp a notice will appear for all players that XXXX has killed XXXX. Ya you read it write, all players will know who won the pvp :) . So make sure you are strong enough to enter there and challenge your friends/enemies.

Fight Room is working 24h per day, so anytime enter the room and our filter will freeze you for 1 min till you open a cap. Or our filter will force put a cap on you.
And ofc Zerk is not allowed inside for fair fight and avoid cheating :pimp:

At Season II, we have many surprises for you. As we mentioned before (how can we force players to make his own fun anytime he login in the game), so its time to explain this part.
HIS OWN FUN, that means he can spend some times alone with some fun.
One of our ways to do that by creating his own dungeon and kill mobs/unique without interruption from anyone. And of course he'll be rewarded with pretty good useful drop at the end of the dungeon.

Chaos Dungeon scroll can be found at the shop by PlayCoin(play coin dropped from the mobs).
You can enter the Dungeon every 5h.
Treasure Box/last Boss drop Dungeon Scroll
Treasure box drop rate = 10%
Last Boss drop rate = 75%


Another new feature we have made for you, and we made it daily refreshed to get wars/fun everyday at Anoha
Honor System will be enabled everyday at 5pm for 1h

A notice will up when Honor Room is ready

When you get this notice, wear your job and get ready for the war

We made 2 rooms, one for thieves and one for traders/hunter as a save spot to do buffs and get ready to war

Go inside and try to get some fun with your friends.


We have add new quests to help you get our main donate coin and other good rewards, and we made its own room to join pts with your friends
One of our quests called Arabia MangYang and this one give our main coin ChaosSilk. This quest can be done once per day.

You can find our quests guy at DW beside our [BOT]System.

Another system based on job, we mentioned before that job system is very important for more fun. Most of you heard about Wanted System.
Again we made it with our ouch.

When thief/hunter kill hunter/thief, he'll gain 1 point for each kill
Each 10 points you'll get a Wanted Buff + wanted Logo
But DON'T DIE :pimp:, if you died once the buff and the logo will be removed and a notice will up to tell everyone that xxx buff has been removed or xxx have wanted buff.

10 kills = Wanted Buff lvl1
20 kills = Wanted Buff lvl2
30 kills = Wanted Buff lvl3
40 kills = Wanted Buff lvl4
50 kills = Wanted Buff lvl5

We have add new Grap and Attack pets will help you inside the game. Attack pets have its own debuffs that will attack with you at unique or at a pvp.
Those debuffs will help you a lot which it has a dmg increase or dmg absorb.

As a part of the fun, we have add many new avatars and new char/visual effects specially for us. We hope you like it.

Lets head to our new surprise. We have add 2 new features you can find only at Chaos-ANOHA. We have 2 parts in this section, lets explain each one.

Annihilation Room is a room at the big teleport at DW.
Only job can enter this room. This room opened for 1h per day from 7~8 pm.
This room contain Foxinto elite mobs and Bone Roc.
Each Foxinto elite mobs drop 4~5 HonorCoin (H.C)
BoneRoc will appear every 3~5 mins and drop 25~30 HonorCoin (H.C)
You can buy new godbless, honor buff scroll and annihilation scroll by this HonorCoin. You can find them at Item Mall npc at DW.


We all know the normal Survival Arena system at all servers. Its about wearing a cap and pvp and collect points then take your reward.
We made it but under the job mode, so Job in here is very important at everything we made. We called it Survival Arena [Job]
Survival Arena have 2 teleports at dw, one for thieves and one for hunters/traders.

Each teleport will spawn at a SaveZone room to make sure all players have done their buffs to be ready for battle.
After doing your buffs, go outside the room and kill hunter/thieves and collect points.
Survival Room system will be active once per day for 1h, so make sure you have killed a lot of enemies and collect enough points.

After the time ends, a notice will appear and all players inside the room will go back to town.
Survival Rank will be shown at our ,,, [ ] page.
Survival Rank will be refreshed after the time ends and the rewards is VIP skills.
Rank 1-2-3 r.w:-

Rank 4-5-6 r.w:-

Rank 7~10:-

Rank 11~15:-

How this system works:-
When a thief/hunter kill hunter/thief inside the room, a notice will appear XX has killed XX and his points become XX.
Each one killed/killer will get a PM from our [BOT]System with his points

So our day will be full of fun and excitement, here is the times for each system:-
[TABLE]2 PM | Battle Arena [Random]
3 PM | Titan Unique
4 PM | Quests Room
5 PM | Honor System
6 PM | Battle Arena [Random]
7 PM | Madness Event
8 PM | Survival Arena [Job]
9 PM | Battle Arena [Random]
9:25 PM | LMS Event
10 PM | Annihilation Room
11 PM | Battle Arena [Job]
11:30 PM | Unique Event
12 AM | Sky Temple Route
1 AM | The Roc
2 AM | Kill GM Event
24h | Wanted System
24h | Fight Room[/TABLE]

We took much time to think about a good way to secure ur account to play with us with a very high lvl of security. So, the best way to secure ur account is by securing ur char itself.
With securing ur char, no one can do anything with u. EVEN HE HAVE UR ID-PW

The usual system at most of server is to lock each item. That will take a huge time to lock every item. But we saw that this system will not lock everything, it'll lock weps and set only. Which will give the chance to get stolen with other items like silk/potion/gold/storage
Our new system here will lock your whole char with all item inside it. And yes everything like potions/storage..etc. Beside it'll lock your char with 1 order. The same this with unlock it, it'll be with 1 order

Lock System info
Q: What is the meaning of my item locked!!
A: When someone put his hand on ur ID-PW he can not do this things at ur locked items...
  • Can not plus
  • Can not drop
  • Can not exchange
  • Can not stall
  • Can not trade
  • Can not sell
  • Can not store at storage
  • Can not store at guild storage

  • Don't give ur secret word or PIN to anyone
  • Don't forget ur secret word
  • Save ur Secret words at any TEXT at ur PC/lap

- To lock ur char. : [!lock xxxxxx]
> xxxxxx: is your password which is numbers or letters
- To unlock ur char.: [!unlock xxxxxx]

Hint: you can change your pw everytime you unlock your char

We have modified our buff skills for all builds and its time now is 7days. We already know that re-buff during the pvp is very annoying, so we expand the buffs time to 7 days so it won't finish till you die or teleport


We have add new title color for each title. Pick up ur favorite color and use it


We have add a new Mastery Skills system to our [BOT]System to up your skills for free with one order, we know that adding all skills with your hand is just a pain. Try our new system...

We have a new pvp cap style as a change and for fun.

Whenever you are and need help, just pm our [BOT]Helper with Hi to know anything about the game such as how to get coins just write the order and he'll answer you.

We already know that FW is the most powerfull wars, and there will be spies inside every guild. But we saw that spies will kill the fun and his team mates efforts to win the war, so we made this system to avoid spies and for clean FW.
This system allow the Master guild to give a DC and BAN for the SPY char, which allow you to save your FW and save the FUN
The system will work at the FW time only. When the Guild Master give a BAN for a char, it'll be auto unbanned after the FW

Hint: FW Constantinople is twice per week. Tuesday + Friday

We have 2 parts of this section most of you guy will like it. Most of you like the new style and new glows from time to time.
So we have made our own effects and model switches will blow your mind

We have add many styles for each weapon, so everyone can use the style he like.


Also we have add a new effects for the original 14d sun weps for those who like the original style.

We have developed and upgraded our stable filters for doing the job very well. But as a start we will not activate all events together to give ppl times to go kill unique, pvping, enjoying our new systems/rooms/features and jobbing.
We have over 19 event available at our new filter. But we will explain the most desired events only.

We didn't forget about the beautiful Madness event and we have done it auto everyday with a special system.
We all know about Madness event is about spawning a unique and all wearing a cap then all attack the unique.
And the killer will win. But we have done it with our touch
For more fun we made it like our Fight Room, when a player kill another player a notice will appear xxx has killed xxx.
And sure there will be 2 uniques (STR & INT), both unique drop 50 CS + 50 HC.

We made a new system for this special event cus it made a special fun at the server.

>>New upgrade for LMS:-
- Disable invite a pt for ur friends for a fair fight.
- Disable matching a pt as well.
- Disable Opening cap to avoid any bug.
- Freezing inside event to avoid any cheat

The most beloved event for all. We have 2 versions from this event. And without delays like other server do with no bugs. That means when the BOT char dead and he make a global for the winner, the 2nd round wil start after a few sec.
1- Winner who's hit the last hit
2- Winner who's own higher total hit damages
Other auto events will be enabled as soon as we got more ppl for more fun and more new events will be add soon
  • Auto Uniques Event
  • Hide & Seek Event
  • Kill GM [Last hit win]
  • Kill GM [Higher Total damage win]
  • LPN [Lucky Party Number]
  • LPC [Lucky Private Chat]
  • LGC [Lucky Global Chat]
  • Trivia Event
  • Arrange Event
  • Complete the Word Event
  • Choose the correct answer Event
  • Lucky Stall
  • Alchemy Event
At last we hope you guys like our new system and try to get some fun with us. And help us with using our signature

,,, [ ]

Hamza FiGo :
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Oct 2007



: ANOHA-SeasonII | Cap 130 PVP D14 | Survival | Wanted | Sky Temple | GO 23-6-2020

Donete Nzamo eh we fee offer kwes wla la2

howareyou :
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Uploaded with ,,, [ ]

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Uploaded with ,,, [ ]

s j s r o and Z s Z c

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Hamza FiGo

  Hamza FiGo

Dec 2007
Helping ppl
Private Server
Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo  Hamza FiGo

Hamza FiGo


   Yahoo  Hamza FiGo    Skype  Hamza FiGo

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: ANOHA-SeasonII | Cap 130 PVP D14 | Survival | Wanted | Sky Temple | GO 23-6-2020

howareyou ,,, [ ]
Donete Nzamo eh we fee offer kwes wla la2
1k = 150 LE
2k = 300 LE+gift

Hamza FiGo :
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